Employee of the Month – August 2012

Jenni Gongaware was first hired into Online Stores May of 2005 and has been a great asset to the shipping department ever since.

Currently, Jenni works to trouble shoot orders that are placed and picked that have an error or something missing.  Occasionally there are errors in the inventory balances in Stone Edge and orders are placed, approved and printed without the item actually being in stock. The warehouse pickers go to gather the items on the order and find that one or more of the items there are looking for are not where they are supposed to be or not in stock at all. They place the rest of the items and the packing slip on the troubleshoot table and that’s when Jenni jumps to action.

Jenni’s role is to figure out what happened to the missing merchandise, and see if it was simply put back in the wrong location or is not in stock at all. Jenni looks at the amount that is supposed to be showing in Stone Edge and the location and starts there to figure out what may have happened. She will look in several different places, including the area around where the item should have been to verify if it was must misplaced. If she successfully finds an item, she gets the order to the packers so they can ship it out to the customer. If not, she passes it along to her manager, Jessica to have adjustments made to the Stone Edge system and to Customer Service so the customer can be contacted in a timely manner to see how they would like to resolve the issue.

In addition to this, Jenni is trained in all aspects of the warehouse operations. She is able to pick orders, pack them, and run them through manifest for shipping with ease. She is also certified to ship hazmat orders and help stock new products with the warehouse department.

Jenni earned her recognition for employee of the month because of her hard work with the shipping Amazon orders to Canada. She works diligently every day to ensure that these are being taken care of because of her acknowledgment of the significance of these in our ratings. Thank you for all you do, Jenni!

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