Online Stores Hosts Employee Silent Auction for Charity

Online Stores is no stranger to helping others. Frequently, items are donated from different Online Stores. Inc.’s vendors and arranged so employees can bid on as few or as many items as they want. Once the allotted bidding time is up, winners for each item are chosen and can take home their prizes. All the money collected goes to the charity selected by employees. Employees can cast their vote on the HR Facebook Page to determine their charity of choice. The charity with the most vote wins.

Beginning today, September 5, 2012 employees have the opportunity to bid on items such as Pittsburgh Steelers gear, desktop computers, kitchen gadgets and even tickets to any Washington Wild Things baseball game during the 2012 season! The minimum bid is $1.00 and all bids must be in one dollar increments. Bidders will write down their maximum bid. Winners will pay the minimum amount necessary to win. The last auction held raised over $300! The chance to bid will end Friday, September 14, 2012 at 3:00 PM.

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