About Us

Online Stores, Inc. is a privately owned North American e-commerce business based in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. The company got its start in January 2001 when owners Lisa and Kevin Hickey began manufacturing U.S. flags in their basement. It has since grown into a formidable force in the e-commerce market.

In 2002, as the need for expansion presented itself, Online Stores, Inc. moved its operations into an 85,000 square foot building which currently houses its corporate office and warehouse. Currently the company has approximately 100 employees and continues to expand at an incredible rate.

Online Stores, Inc. has become a dynamic force in the e-commerce market, earning such prestigious accolades as the Top 500 Internet Retailer Award. (To see more, visit our Wikipedia page and follow our LinkedIn page.)

We currently operate several internet specialty stores:

Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by Online Stores, Inc.; writers receive monetary compensation and/or free product for their posts.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sir and Madam, I like your Betsy Ross flag, but I have comments that may improve your product. I purchased an “aged” Betsy Ross flag. Indeed it did look old, but it also looked stained. Federal law allows the flying of flags as long as the colors don’t run. You did such a good job on the ‘aged’ Betsy Ross flag, that it looks like the colors ran. My neighbors, a neurosurgeon from the Vietnam service-era, noted that the flag looked dirty on the bottom when displayed on our home. I used chlorine and a toothbrush to bring the white in the bars and to remove the built in stain. Real nice flag, but too realistic to fly as built. Please consider tweaking the “age” process on the Betsy Ross flay so that it looks old still but the colors don’t look like they ran. Thank you.
    Francis P. Lipinski

  2. Thank you so much for your well-thought critique of our flag. I am passing your note on to management for their review of our product. And thank you again!

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