Featured Suppliers

Believe it or not, even OLS can’t do it alone. We depend on a number of companies to supply us with their goods and services daily, so much so that we’ve decided to feature a few here on the blog. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!

Valley Forge Flags

6 thoughts on “Featured Suppliers

  1. I wanted to order safety glasses which came to aprox. $7.50
    But then you wanted to charge me over $9.00 for shipping for something that weighs a few ounces ; when I am less than 200 miles from you in Erie Pa. I believe there are a lot of sales lost this way because people get too greedy on the shipping and handling charges . Sincerly
    Owen D Jaggi

  2. Hi Owen. Maybe I can look into that for you. Could you tell me which glasses, how many, where you were going to ship them (zip code) and the shipping method chosen?

  3. I am getting ready to place a large loose leaf tea order and was wanting some clarification on your loose leaf tea products. I am shopping under the loose leaf tea category and am very confused.. I just want to be sure that all of the teas under this category are in fact loose leaf and not tea bags… because some of them are labeled loose leaf pouch ?? I am asuming that just means that the loose leaf tea is packaged in a pouch… please let me know if I am correct or not.
    Also, do you offer wholesale pricing on your teas ?

  4. Hi there! To answer your questions, you are correct in your assumption that the loose leaf is packaged in pouches, not in tea bags. We do also offer wholesale pricing. Should you have questions about wholesale pricing, you can contact our sales department at wholesale@onlinestores.com.

  5. Do you sell repair parts for the 20ft residential flags? We need a new pulley for ours. Storm demolished the pulley and the flag.

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