Employee of the Month – August 2012

Kenny has been with Online Stores, Inc. for a period of 6 years and has helped the company expand technologically, and make the work environment fast and efficient for all employees.

Kenny wears multiple hats as part of the IT department. Kenny works directly with the network equipment installation and also works to maintain the network so everyone can access it without any issues to complete their tasks. Kenny also installs new computer hardware and software and works to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the installation process or daily general use. Kenny  does a lot of work with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system that Accounting and other departments use, too. His main part in this is troubleshooting the issues to ensure that the purchase orders, invoices and shipping notifications that are being transmitted through this system are being received properly. Kenny is also the go-to-guy when it comes to the phone system. Kenny works with the phone system to verify that the customer service reps are able to get the calls that they need to help our customers, and the internal calls and voicemails are functioning properly too. Part of all this includes coordinating with external support, such as the companies that create the software or work with the network or systems he’s trying to keep running properly. He also assists department manager and co workers, Crystal and Eric, with Stone Edge issues and database maintenance tasks.

Kenny Rabickow earned the recognition for employee of the month for his work implementing the dual firewall system the company currently uses. Kenny implemented this system on his own, with no additional help. Great work, Kenny!

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