Employee of the Month – July 2012

From the office, the July 2012 Employee of the Month is Jen Ganassi. She was rehired into the company in September of 2011 and currently holds the position of Human Resources Coordinator.

Jen moved into the role of Human Resources Coordinator in January of 2012, as a part time position maintaining employee records. Since then she has been assigned a variety of tasks and the position has since grown. The largest aspect of her job is maintaining all employee information in the payroll system; and ensuring that employees times are kept correctly and accurately to ensure they are paid for the work they are doing. In addition to this, she is in charge of the benefits enrollments and tracking the employees attendance. Whenever someone new is brought into the company, Jen ensures that their new-hire paperwork is complete,  they are settled into their new position, and understand the benefits and policies of being an Online Stores employee through the orientation process. She also tracks the vacation accruals manually and works to help the managers keep track of the time their employees have earned.

Other recent projects include writing the monthly newsletter, maintaining the Online Stores Human Resources Facebook page, running the employee auction and planning the Company picnic. In addition to this, she plans the menu for the monthly employee luncheon and is currently working on the employee pig roast to be held at the end of August. Currently she is also working with the company ADP, to implement the new payroll and timekeeping system which will be going live in August.

Jen is being recognized as employee of the month for her work with the current payroll company. Any time there is an issue, Jen works with this company to find a resolution and save time for herself and the managers. More specifically when it pertains to employees time cards and their home departments. Thanks Jen!

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