Employee of the Month – July 2012

From the Warehouse, the July 2012 Employee of the Month is Debbie Errett. Debbie is being recognized for her outstanding work as part of the custom hard hat production team.

Debbie has a very important role when it comes to making the custom hard hats for our customers. Once the order is placed and the proof is approved by the customer, Debbie jumps into action making the plate for the hard hats to be created. Debbie works in a dark shed in the warehouse developing films to eventually be created into what is called a “clichés”. These clichés are used to make the actual stamp of the logo on the hardhat in whatever location the customer has requested and approved. If Debbie does not work with great attention to detail, a cliché could be made incorrectly; which would cause the hard hats to be printed incorrectly,  a great setback for the customer, extra work for herself and the other pad printers, and a lot of extra work creating and printing the correct hard hats.

In addition to paying close attention to detail, Debbie must also work at a quick pace. The hard hat turn around time promised to our customers is 5 days from proof approval. Once the order is sent to the warehouse they are allotted a five business day maximum to create the cliché, get all the hard hats printed, dried and shipped out to the customers. Debbie is an essential part of this process. The other pad printers are not able to do any work until Debbie has created her cliché for the hard hats. She must make sure it is done correctly and quickly so she can hand those items over to the pad printer to get the hard hats stamped with enough time for the ink to dry and get it shipped out within the promised time frame. Also, on occasion there are customers that require their items sooner, and this time can be cut down to as little as 2 days.

Debbie is being recognized as employee of the month for her outstanding work creating clichés. She works diligently and meticulously to ensure they are correct for printing. In addition to this, they recently received a new cliché engraver, which she had to catch onto using quickly to ensure the same speed and quality when working to make the clichés and get the hard hats printed. Thank you Debbie for all of your outstanding work!


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