July Employee Highlight – 2012

Jawny Weimer became a member of the Online Stores family in October of 2007 and has worn many hats within the company. Her current position is as a Purchasing Agent working mostly with the construction gear stores.

Jawny attended Edinboro University, after which she moved to Mt. Pleasant approximately 10 years ago. Once in Mt. Pleasant, she worked as a cashier at Walmart and worked her way up to Manager at that same location. She worked at Walmart for a period of 4 years. Once she left there she got a job working as the Assistant Manager for a Fashion Bug retail store.

“I enjoy the family-like atmosphere in my department. It’s a good feeling and helps make the work more enjoyable.”
– Jawny Weimer

After she decided to leave there, she was an agency employee through Carol Harris Staffing and was first brought on in the warehouse picking tea store orders. She worked doing the tea store orders for approximately 1 week before she was moved into the office working in Customer Service taking calls from customers. She worked in Customer Service for approximately 6 months, and was then moved into the Merchandising department where she worked for a long period of time. A year ago, Jawny left the merchandising department and moved into the purchasing department where she currently works and serves as a departmental leader. Jawny is also the chair person for the Online Stores Safety Committee, which she devotes a lot of her time and energy to as well.

When she isn’t working at Online Stores, Jawny loves to shop! She likes to go to the Outlets, especially the Coach store. Her signature color is pink and she also likes to go to flea markets and yard sales looking for great finds! She also loves to spend time with her 2 children, Shelby who is 16, and Eric who is 13.

Jawny also maintains her own garden; she plants corn, pumpkins, watermelons, zucchini, squash and other vegetables that she uses to cook great foods at home. She loves to cook and will try everything. She states that if she can’t cook it, she will learn how to. In addition to this she loves to read and is currently working on the 50 Shades of Grey series. Thank you Jawny!

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