June Employee Highlight – 2012

Ben McConnell was welcomed into the Online Stores family on November 14, 2011, during our prime busy Christmas season. He was hired as a Store Specialist in the Merchandising department and has held that job ever since. Ben mainly works on the Construction Gear and Amazon websites.

“Online Stores is a great place to work. I like the challenges presented to me everyday. The people I work with make this an enjoyable and fun place to work.”
-Ben McConnell

Prior to coming to Online Stores, Ben attended the University of Pittsburgh in Oakland. He graduated in 2009 earning a B.S. in Business Administration, however his major was Marketing. During his time at Pitt, Ben participated in intramural basketball. Ben was also a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Frisbee Team.

After graduation, Ben spent 18 months working at Bombardier Transportation where he build sections of trains that were shipped around the world. Ben then left there and worked at UPS for a period of 9 months where his job was to move packages from trucks to belts in order for the packages to reach their destination in a timely manner. He probably moved several Online Stores packages too! Ben found Online Stores through an ad on Monster in 2011 and was hired shortly after applying. Ben’s favorite part of working at OLS is the light mood and positive attitude held by the employees and managers. He loves working with friendly people and finds Online Stores to be a fun place to work.

In his spare time Ben likes to engage in a variety of sports; with a special love for golfing. Ben is a Pittsburgh Penguins season ticket holder and a member of a local deck hockey team.

In addition to sports, Ben’s talents include playing the violin. His interest in playing the violin stemmed from a desire to be able to “fiddle,” but his instructor thought it was important to be classically trained, as well. Ben currently still plays both classical and bluegrass music.

Ben also loves to travel and has been all over the world. One of his favorite places he’s been to is Ireland. He’s recently returned from a 2 week trip throughout Ireland and England. While he was in Ireland he had the opportunity to play his violin for the locals, which he says is one of his favorite memories. Ben’s favorite vacation spot in the U.S. is Santa Barbara, California. A destination where he hopes to live someday! Thanks Ben!

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