Employee of the Month – June 2012

From the Warehouse, the June 2012 Employee of the Month is Lark Keener who works in the production department. Lark started with the company as an agency employee and was hired into Online Stores in February of this year. Since starting here at Online Stores, Lark has made a great impact in the production department and is being recognized for that hard work.

Working in the position of tea production, Lark is responsible for packaging all of the English Tea Store products offered on our website. This process of packaging the products is one that takes a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. In packaging our loose leaf teas, Lark must measure the teas into exact amounts to correlate with the different sizes of loose leaf tea we sell. This ranges from 2 ounces to 16 ounces. If Lark measures too little, the customer may take notice and choose to not order from the company again. If she were to measure too much, then the company will be taking a loss for the additional tea that is being packaged and shipped without the correct pricing. Also, many of our loose leaf teas are similar in texture and color. This creates another area in which Lark needs to pay extreme attention to detail. If she labels a tea she is packaging as the wrong tea, then our customers will not get what they ordered and it can create a vast group of unhappy customers and cost the company a significant amount to reship and/or refund the correct item to those customers. Lark has to go through this same process when packaging the tea bags by their sizes of either 25 or 50 teabags in a pouch, and the honey sticks that she packages as individuals, 20-, 50- or 100-sized packages. Again she needs to pay close attention to the quantity and name under which she is packaging the teas and honey sticks.

Lark has earned her title of Employee of the Month because of her outstanding accuracy in packaging the items correctly and her speed in doing so. Since Lark has begun tea production, our back orders for the English Tea Store products have been non existent for the past month. This has a huge ripple effect by getting the customers their product quickly and correctly. This eases the customer service department from back order calls, the merchandising department from needing to update the website with back order dates, and the purchasing department from ordering substitutes. Lark, you’re hard work and attention to detail is a great asset to this company. Thank you for all you do!


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