March Employee Highlight – 2012

“I hope to continue to help blaze a trail of success for OLS, and always move forward and provide an outstanding service experience for our customers.”
– Kim Carl
Customer Service Manager

Kim Carl began her professional journey after graduation from Ohio University when she moved to the Virginia/Washington DC area and took a job with Talbots as a management trainee. She worked her way up in the company over 15 years eventually holding the General Manager position for a division of the company. Deciding she desired a better work/life balance she took a position as a Design Coordinator managing interior design projects for a DC based furniture store. She held that position for several years until she and her husband decided to move home to be closer to family.

Once home, she began a lengthy job search that left something to be desired. She interviewed with Online Stores and was hired in as a temp, doing the wholesale accounts for the Tea Store. She was hired in as an OLS Employee before her 90 days was up so she could attend a trade show for the tea store. During her 7 years here with the company, she’s also worked in purchasing, doing drop ships for the flag store. She was then promoted to Customer Service manager, in a department that then, had only 3 reps! She has held that position ever since and has worked hard to build up an award winning department of almost 18-20 reps! Kim has been awarded Manager of the Year twice, in 2008 and 2011. She loves OLS for being a small town family company in a big time game, and thinks the opportunities here are endless for those who exhibit hard work and tenacity.

Kim and her husband Jim will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in September. They met during the first weeks of her college career at Ohio University and knew they had something special. Outside of OLS, Kim likes to spend her free time traveling. She also enjoys reading, decorating, cooking and baking, and she maintains she makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies around! Kim has two cats Puddie, a Red Persian, and Whiskers, a striped Taby. Thanks Kim!

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