Employee of the Month – February 2012

Kathy Bogley of Customer Service was named the February 2012 employee of the month. Kathy’s dedication to the employees is what makes her a notable employee as she works hard to provide outstanding service to our customers.

Kathy’s acts as part of the front line of the company while working in customer service. Her interactions with customers variety, from working with those who are having their first experience with the company to those who may have had a negative experience at which point she works to make it a positive one. She works as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to solve issues that may arise with an order and provide several different solutions to the problem that the customer can choose from. The goal is to salvage the order and instill a positive image of the company in the mind of the customer so that they want to come back and order again. On a daily basis she talks to customers who have items on backorder, and she works with those individuals to try to substitute another item or working with them to wait for their item to come into stock. If a customer receives an item damaged or defective, Kathy makes sure another item is shipped to them so they receive it in proper working order and by the specific date they need. She states “The main goal of customer service reps is to give quality service and make our customers feel happy and appreciated, because customers are the ones that help this company move forward.”

In addition to working as a customer service representative, Kathy is also the in-house interpreter, as the only staff member who is fluent in Spanish. She works with our Spanish speaking customers to address the same issues and create the same relationship with them so they continue to use us as their go-to online retailer.

Kathy has won employee of the month for the outstanding service she provides our customers, both English and Spanish speaking. Also for her positive personality, integrated with the company’s call strategy to empathize with the customers and provide the level of service that they’ve come to expect from Online Stores. She also helps keep the department morale up with her pleasant disposition and positive attitude. Great Job Kathy! Thank you for all that you do.


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