Employee of the Month – March 2012

The office employee of the month for March is Jawny Weimer from Purchasing. Jawny has been with the company for almost 5 years where she’s held a variety of positions, all of which she’s done extremely well.

As part of the Purchasing department, Jawny is in charge for placing stock and drop ship orders for Discount Safety Gear, Safety Girl, Construction Gear, Kitchen Tools and the English Tea Store every day! She also works with the vendors to update the costs of the items that we carry in our stores, and negotiates the best prices possible so we can offer even lower prices to our customers. When those prices change, Jawny makes sure it is updated in a timely manner in Stone Edge and online, so the updates are available to the employees and customers as soon as possible. Any time there is an issue when a purchase order arrives, Jawny works with the receiving department and the vendor to help resolve any issues and ensures that we are getting what we ordered every time. If the issue is in the bill for the merchandise, Jawny also works with the accounting department to resolve those issues, as well.  She tracks all of the drop shipments and provides customer service tracking information as soon as it’s available to keep the customers in the know, and also to let them know if something needs to be placed on a backorder. If something is no longer available, she discontinues the item then diligently works to find a close replacement so our customers don’t have to wait to have what they’ve requested. She also works with the merchandising department to buy things early for the website and to start carrying new products. And when those things don’t fill her day, she searches for new suppliers for items, in hopes to find an even better deal.

Jawny has earned employee of the month for her work with the warehouse supplies. In the past month, the shipping department has struggled having enough boxes for all the orders coming in. Jawny has been able to place orders for the shipping department, after the 12 pm deadline, and still have them delivered the next day. She has done this on several occasions, and not just with boxes, but with other essential shipping materials as well. Jawny, thank you for working so hard to help the company and the customers! Great Job!


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