Employee of the Month – March 2012

Representing the warehouse employees for employee of the month is Production’s own Stacey Durst, who has been with Online Stores since August of 2011.

While working in Production, Stacey works in a variety of different roles manufacturing the stick flags that our customers have come to know and love. Stacey works on actually stapling the flags onto the 4”x6” USA stick flags and on the 12”x18” USA stick flags. These are the flags that are sold on the flag store to our retail customers. On the days when she is not manufacturing the flags, she is working on putting them into the individual bags that are needed for the larger wholesale accounts who have them special packaged into bags of 2, 3, or 4. The quick and efficient bagging of these flags is necessary, so the individuals who are creating the displays have the flags ready so they can work quickly and consistently also. Right now, Stacey and the production team are working on two large orders for the Family Dollar and Target Corporations who carry our stick flags in almost all of their retail stores during the patriotic holidays. Both of these orders need to ship to the companies on time in order for them to hit the shelves by the expected date. Stacey is a large part of helping to make sure this is accomplished.

Stacey has earned employee of the month for her outstanding work as a production team member, as she’s broken all 3 of the production records! Stacey, along with Brenda Gregory hold the 12”x18” bagging record of more than 4,201 packages a shift. She also holds the record with Ly Bisping and Derrick Johns for the 4”x6” flag bagging at 16,006 in one shift. Stacey also holds the individual record for stapling flags at 12,094 units in one shift! Great Job Stacey!


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