April Employee Highlight – 2012

“It [Online Stores] is a growing business and it feels good to be a part in that growth.”
Crystal Hammersley grew up in north-central PA in the town of Emporium, Pennsylvania, where she attended Cameron County High School. After graduating second in her high school class, she moved to Oakdale, PA where she attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI). In 2005, she graduated from PTI with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Information Sciences with a focus in Network Administration, Network Security and Computer Forensics. On the very day of her college graduation, she was offered a job with Online Stores, Inc. as a PC Technician. Her first assignment at OLS was to familiarize herself with a new application the company had just purchased, called Stone Edge. Based on her ability to work with Stone Edge, Crystal’s title was eventually changed to SQL Database Administrator. She was later promoted to Database Supervisor, and in October of 2012 she was promoted to Database Manager, the position she currently holds. Her department currently consists of herself, Eric Rhome and Kenny Rabickow who are essential to the operation of the company. They work almost around the clock updating systems and making sure they run smoothly so the rest of the company is able to accomplish their daily tasks.

Prior to Online Stores, Crystal worked a variety of different retail jobs while putting herself through school. She worked at Joann Fabrics as a Customer Service Supervisor, as well as at Best Buy where she started as a cashier and was later moved to the Customer Service Department. When she first started at OLS, she also waitressed at Denny’s as her second job. In five years she hopes to still be at Online Stores because she loves her job and the opportunities it presents.

Crystal’s favorite day of the week is Sunday, which she spends at home with her boyfriend Eric, playing video games, watching movies and relaxing. The couple has two cats, Kiki and Bella (who, for the record, is not named after the character in the Twilight movies), which terrorize her house on a daily basis. Crystal loves to go on vacation to any place with beach access, her favorite spot being St. Augustine, Florida. Crystal’s dream in life is to someday publish a fiction novel, if she can ever get the courage to submit one of her books to a publisher. Thank you Crystal!


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