To the Toppermost of the Poppermost!

In 2009 Online Stores, Inc. continued its climb to the top of the e-commerce heap, coming in at an attractive number 27 in the mass merchants category of the Internet Retailer’s list of the top 500 online merchants known to man. The Top 500 Guide, as the list is known, is the only authoritative ranking of the nation’s most successful e-retailers.

In the previous edition of the The Top 500 Guide, OLS saw itself ranked at number 28 in the mass merchants category. Number 28 is a nice place to be, but OLS is a company that is constantly striving to better itself in any way possible.

OLS’ rise in the rankings can surely be attributed to the success of its new stores., for example, has been winning the praise of many members of the landscaping community, and after only a few short months of existence,, a site selling Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, is already a runaway success.

The Social Media and Advertising Departments at OLS also deserve much of the credit for helping the company improve its position on the list. Headed up by some of OLS’ brightest and most brilliant employees, these two departments have striven valiantly to bring the company more valuable recognition.

I sure hope OLS isn’t afraid of heights, because it certainly appears this company truly is going straight to the top!!

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