Employee of the Month – June 2010

Lorain began here at Online Stores in February of 2009. Like many OLS employees, she was brought in by Carol Harris Staffing. Her responsibilities involve everything under the vast umbrella of Housekeeping. Maintaining a sanitary and comfortable environment in the Online Stores workplace is no easy task, but a necessary one to keep employees happy and productive.

Lorain does a lot to keep things in order. She is personally responsible for sweeping and dusting every floor and table, everyday. She empties the trash cans and replaces the trash bags in every single cubicle, office, bathroom, and conference room in the workplace. She mops in the kitchen, cleans the counters and wipes down the sinks. She also maintains the cleanly atmosphere in each of the many OLS bathrooms. Despite constantly being used each and every day, the bathrooms are always comfortable and clean.

Our spotless and sanitary work environment depends entirely on Lorain’s hard work, and we all have her to thank for it. I shudder to think what it would be like if she were not here for a week, or even just a day. But even with all of the responsibility, Lorain never leaves her smile behind. She is always pleasant and friendly, greeting everyone
she passes with a smiling hello.

At home, Lorain likes to spend time with her husband Wayne. Together they like to spend time watching the Home and Garden channel and the Do-It-Yourself channel. They also have 3 dogs; Ben – a yorkie, Sugar – a lab, and Lacey – a Pekingese. Congratulations, Lorain, on being awarded June’s Employee of the Month. Thank you for your hard work and enjoy your parking spot this month!

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