Employee of the Month – May 2010

You may remember Mr. Vincent Fedorchak from last month’s Featured Employee Profile. Well, he is back once more, this time as the Online Stores Employee of the Month. His passionate dedication to excellence in his role as Safety Product Specialist has put him in something of a spotlight these past couple months, and the attention is well deserved. Vince is one of the hardest working employees we have here at Online Stores. In fact, he has often taken unfinished work home to make sure he is always on top of his responsibilities, something that is neither expected, nor asked of him. Vince is a model of efficiency and work ethic, and his value to the Merchandising Department, as well as the entire company, has not gone unnoticed.

Even with all of his hard work, Vince still finds the time to sit back and relax. Upon returning home each day, Vince finds his best friend “Syd” the cat waiting and purring for him. After spending time lovingly massaging Syd’s furred back, Vince kicks back with his guitar to play some of his favorite songs. You may remember reading that Vince is also an avid fan of chess, often playing competitively in a tournament setting. Chess is a game of intelligence, strategy and perseverance, traits that Vince is able to translate directly to the workplace.

You may remember mention of Vince’s fantastic sense of humor. Vince loves to joke around, and is always making the people around him laugh. In fact, when interviewing Vince for this article, he told me that he was “bore from the egg of a freshwater crocodile.” He also spoke about his brief stint of acting,providing the musical voiceover in the commercial for the board game “Crossfire”. He once broke his foot while too hastily lacing his shoes, and that he even rode a bottle nosed dolphin for several hours; on land. It is clever yarns like this, added in with his skillfulness and devotion, which make Vincent Fedorchak a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Vince, on being this month’s Employee of the Month!

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