Employee Of The Month: December 2008

Tara Dec 08

Tara Hutchings is December’s Employee of the Month. Tara started working at OLS in Customer Service in the fall of 2006 through Carol Harris Staffing. Since then, she has worked in tea wholesale sales, as a gift store assistant, a merchandising specialist, and is currently the Tea Store Specialist. She also works in the warehouse when she can.

Her future here at OLS is full of opportunities. Currently, Tara’s job duties mostly include adding new products to the websites, new product research, website organization, copywriting, and fixing website discrepancies. Before starting at OLS, Tara graduated from Hempfield High School in ‘02, and Carlow University in ‘06 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a minor in Creative Writing. She also worked at Ames in Greensburg until they went out of business, and the Dairy Queen in Youngwood for 6 years as a manager.

In her “barely-existent” free time, Tara likes to read, write, cook, and spend time with her family. She also enjoys a good game of Guitar Hero or Texas Hold ‘Em, and she loves music. Tara is getting married in August of next year to her boyfriend, Rob. When asked if children were in her future she stated “I have 3, they have fur, ears, and tails. Lily, Maceo, and Darla! … we will probably never have human kids; both of us go back and forth about it too much.”

Along with her “riff raff tabby cats”, Tara also recently took in a renegade Anole lizard, “who lacks survival instincts”. When asked about her goals for the future, Tara states “I plan to figure out how people do it, and start doing it. There’s too much I want to see and do before I get real old and just can’t do it. I want to see everything.”

Enjoy your parking space, Tara—and thanks for your dedication!

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