Employee Of The Month: January 2009

For the month of J anuary, Online Stores congratulated two employees of the month: brothers Nick and Greg Klosky.

Nick Jan 09

Nick Klosky started working at Online Stores through Adecco in November of 2007. Hired on as a full time employee in April of 2008, Nick worked in the stapling area of production, and as a packer before moving on to his current position in shipping. He feels that if you keep working hard and are a good worker, you will get noticed.

As a member of the shipping team, Nick’s job duties include making sure that the packages go out, loading the UPS truck, and ensuring that the address labels and shipping system show matching addresses. Before beginning his employment here at OLS, Nick graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in 2002, and worked for a couple of years in carpentry.

Outside of work, Nick spends his free time with his fiancée Ashley, and five cats: Jeffy, Cali, Peanut, Chubbs, and Sheeba. He enjoys golfing, fishing, swimming, playing video games, and occasionally going out. In the future, Nick hopes to take online schooling and get involved in the business of golf course design. In closing, he states: “It’s been a great year here at Online Stores and I hope that follows through in the years to come.”

Thanks for your dedication, Nick!

Greg Jan 09Our other January employee of the month is Greg Klosky, who joined the Online Stores team in February of 2008. Originally employed by Adecco, Greg started as part of the production team who worked on the Target order. He has since been hired on through the company, and has been promoted to Shipper / Packer. He primarily works in shipping in the Tea Store. As a Shipper / Packer, Greg’s job duties include checking the address on every package to make sure that it comes up correctly when scanned. Then, the packages must be stacked on a pallet and wrapped to be shipped.

Prior to beginning his employment here at OLS, Greg graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in 2001, and worked in paving. With six-year-old Gregory M. Klosky at home, and a dog named Cocoa, Greg’s free time is also occupied by his favorite hobbies, which include fishing, camping, and sports. Greg feels that if you “work hard at what you do anything is possible”. In the future, he plans to keep doing the best that he can.

Thanks for your hard work, Greg!

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