Employee of the Month – November 2012

Representing the Office for the November Employee of the Month is Erin McMichael from Merchandising.

Erin started here at Online Stores in January of 2012 as a Merchandising Assistant and was recently promoted to Store  Specialist in October of 2012. Erin is responsible for running daily reports to update our websites and make sure the information on them is accurate. Erin more regularly works with our Construction Gear and Mobile Cases  websites. She has recently worked on a project with Jess Turner updating the new Safety Girl site and adding the women’s boots. In addition, she looks for new products to add to the websites, which she describes as her favorite part of the job, especially for Mobile Cases.com. She also is in constant contact with potential and current vendors and helps customer service resolve customer issues via help desk tickets.

Erin has earned the title of  Employee of the Month for her outstanding suggestions and ideas to help make Online Stores a better place to work. Her ideas have included adding employee photos to the employee intranet to help new employees get to know their co-workers. She also suggested getting two more refrigerators for the employee lounge so there is enough space for everyone’s lunches. She’s also recommended several different trainings for her department, such as  Magento and Microsoft Access trainings, and a tour of the warehouse. She has given other ideas that are still in the implementation phase which will only help our employees. Thank you Erin, Congratulations!

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