Employee of the Month – September 2012

Chuck Dietz joined the Online Stores family in May of 2011 and has been expanding his knowledge and experience ever since to help the Graphics department with the web developing side of the workload.

Chuck is currently training through Magento U, which are courses that are outlined to teach their learners how to specifically use the new Magento platform that Online Stores websites are moving to, and how to get the most out of what Magento has to offer. From this he is able to help assist with the development of the websites from the front-end. His job is to make adjustments to how the website looks to the customers when they are on them and help to improve the customer experience through the changes he creates. Additionally, he works with the IT department to help integrate Stone Edge and Magento, so that orders can be imported properly and efficiently without any extra time added to order processing. In addition to this, Chuck creates procedures that will automatically complete tasks that may seem redundant (such as renaming images or importing product information into Magento) to help ease the workload of other Online Stores. Also, in using the new Magento platform, some customers may experience issues in using the system, Chuck researches the issue and works to find a resolution to prevent other customers from having the same experience. If a feature isn’t already available through Magento that Chuck thinks it needs, he creates it from nothing in order to best server our customers.

Chuck earned his title of employee of the month for his work integrating the Magento platform and Stone Edge. This integration is one that needed to be seamless in order to best serve the customers. Chuck has diligently worked to make that as seamless as possible. In addition, Chuck received this recognition for his work troubleshooting customer issues on the website. Thank you for all you do, Chuck.

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