Employee of the Month – May 2012

Representing the Warehouse for the May 2012 Employee of the Month title is Frances Andrasy. Frances was hired recently in February 2012 and has been unstoppable since. She is part of the production department, specifically working the pad printer, which is used to create our custom hard hats.

Frances is an essential part of the custom hard hat production team, because she is the one that creates the actual product we send to our customers. Once the design is ready for print, Fran uses the pad print machine to stamp the custom logo or design onto the hard hats that we will then send out to our customers. Attention to detail and extreme care is important in what she does. The ink being still wet once removed from the print machine can smear easily. It is important that Fran does all she can to avoid any contact with the new logo that has been printed. She sets them up on the drying racks while they wait to be shipped to the customers. It is also very important that Frances is accurate in the making of her hard hats. If she were to count an incorrect amount, not only would that impact our inventory, but could potentially be a great inconvenience to the customer that receives them. Sending incorrect, smudged or overall poor quality hard hats to our customers would not be congruent with the outstanding customer experience that Online Stores is dedicated to providing, which makes Fran’s job extremely important and challenging. When Fran is not making custom hard hats, she also helps the flag production team stapling and bagging flags for our larger wholesale orders.

Frances Andrasy earned employee of the month for her outstanding work with the pad printer. Since starting in her position Online Stores has quicker printing times and faster turnaround for the customer, which is alleviating a lot of the pressure for customer service. Because Frances has been able to pick up the use of the pad printer quickly we are getting jobs printed and shipped quicker than we use to. Thank you Frances for all your expedited hard work!


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