Employee of the Month – August 2010

Jenni began working at Online Stores in February of 2005, and was officially hired in May of the same year. She was brought in to the company by Carol Harris Staffing. Before her employment at Online Stores, Jenni attended and graduated from Greensburg Salem High School. Jenni now works as a Senior Shipping Clerk, where she says her duties vary daily depending entirely upon where she is needed. At first, she was packing products for United States Flag Store orders, but since then, she has worked in practically every portion of the warehouse.

Jenni’s fondest memory of working at Online Stores is the day she got her first apartment. Fellow OLS coworkers assisted Jenni with her move, making sure she had everything she needed to get started living on her own. If you ask Jenni, she will tell you that it was the kindness and generosity of others that got her where she is today.

Outside of Online Stores, Jenni enjoys spending time with her boyfriend. Together, they enjoy partaking in a variety of outdoor activities. These include fishing, swimming and camping. The couple also enjoys golfing, although it is admittedly not Jenni’s best sport.

In the next ten years, Jenni looks forward to furthering her career here at Online Stores as the company continues to grow. She also would like to get involved with volunteer work to assist those less fortunate than she is. Jenni is a fantastic employee, and her daily efforts throughout the warehouse prove an essential piece of Online Stores’ continued success.

Congratulations, Jenni, on being recognized as August’s Employee of the Month, and keep up the great work!

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