Advanced Barcode Solutions – Our Featured Supplier for March

Believe it or not, even a machine as well oiled as Online Stores can, from time to time, become, shall we say, a bit out of whack. For instance, a screw, which, for the purposes of this article, we’ll call “inventory,” might come loose, putting the entire operation at risk. Luckily, for every problem there’s a solution, and in the case of our little “screw,” OLS turned to one of its oldest and most trusted friends, Advanced Barcode Systems, in order to tighten it.

A few weeks ago, OLS was attempting to carry out its annual stock count, otherwise known as “inventory.” But when things went sour with the company we’d originally brought in to do the job, OLS needed to find a way to see the project through by different means. So, in the end, we turned to our good friend at Advanced Barcode Systems, Gordon Jennings.

Mr. Jennings wasted no time getting to work, and within a day had a barcode system in place which made our annual stock count a breeze. While he was at it, Mr. Jennings also did OLS the favor of putting a system in place which makes it easier for the great folks working in our warehouse to find any given product at any given time, greatly reducing the amount of time and effort we must spend training new employees in the art of order picking.

When asked what it was like working with OLS, Mr. Jennings replied, “It has been a great experience and our pleasure working with OLS and their IT group. As an innovative, entrepreneurial company and one of the largest Stone Edge customers, OLS is constantly pushing the envelope, looking for better and more efficient ways of doing business. It’s been a thrilling ride so far working with OLS and being a small contributor in their Internet retailing success.”

Mr. Jennings started Advanced Barcode Systems after spending 18 months working as a systems analyst and design consultant with Symbol Technologies, Inc., which has since been bought by Motorola. During his time as the owner of Advanced Barcode Systems, Mr. Jennings has assisted in the design and implementation of wireless systems at Revlon, JC Penny, GES Exposition Services, Allied Signal APU division (now Honeywell), Turbo Resources, Lund Cadillac, Legends Cadillac, Kachina Cadillac, Galpin Motors and most recently”

Online Stores, Inc. would like to honor Advanced Barcode Systems by making the company its Featured Supplier for the month of March. Who knows where we’d be without their help—probably still out in the warehouse counting American flags and boxes of high-quality tea.

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