Employee Of The Month – March 2010

This is not the first time that Jennifer Garland has earned the prestigious honor of OLS Employee of the Month. Her outstanding work ethic and unwavering dedication to excellence stem from a strong motivation for success. It is this drive and enthusiasm that has set her apart, earning her an incredible third Employee of the Month award.

If you are a new employee looking to find success here at OLS, following the example of Jennifer is an excellent way to start. She believes that success comes about from a willingness to work hard and always continue learning, and she demonstrates these principles daily.

Rather than providing the usual employee description, Jennifer allow her to thank those that have given her the opportunity to come by her success. We gladly obliged, and will let Jennifer take over from here.

“I am not the same person that started at this company in August of 2004 as a temp. After leaving, I was given a second chance because someone saw potential in me. Since then, I have been motivated to reach that potential, but not without some help. I can’t begin to describe the honor I feel to work with such special people. Working alongside the Merchandising team of Jasmin, Jawny and Jamie is an absolute pleasure, and I feel that without them I would not be able to function. I also attribute my success to my manager, who has helped me through every obstacle along the way. I have a great team to work with, and they make everything fall into place. Working with all of you has made me not only a better worker, but a better person, as well. For that, I thank you.”

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