Employee Of The Month: March 2009

Linda Mar 09In the same month as her three year anniversary with Online Stores, Accounting’s Linda Bejger is announced as Employee of the Month! As an Accounting Clerk, Linda’s job duties include processing purchase orders for the Flag Store, applying payments to the customers’ accounts, processing charge-backs for all of the stores, making collection calls, completing credit applications, and helping with accounts payable when she’s needed.

Prior to coming to Online Stores, Linda worked at Burlington Coat Factory in Greensburg in the shipping and receiving department for 4 years. She also worked for Robertshaw Controls right in this very building for 7 years.

In 2006, Linda saw an opening for an Accounting Clerk on the Careerlink website. At first, she was hesitant to apply thinking she didn’t have a chance at getting an interview, but decided to give it a shot. After three years of employment here at OLS, Linda offers this advice for new employees: “Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges, be a team player and do the best you can.”

A graduate of Hempfield High School, Linda and her husband Jerry were married 21 years ago in Las Vegas, NV. Together, they have a 19 year old son named Caz. In her free time, Linda enjoys music and dancing, taking walks, biking, and making candy. In the future, she hopes to open her own candy business with her sisters.

Thanks for all your hard work, Linda!

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