Employee Of The Month: April 2009

Bert April 09Bertram “Bert” Bibel, of Production, gets the title of Employee of the Month, and the great parking spot for April. Just in January of this year, Bert got started at Online Stores after having a great interview with Mike and Brian. At the time, she was hired as the Lead Production Agent.

As the lead, Bert oversees all of the stick flag production in “The Cage”. In Production, AKA “The Cage”, our stick flags are stapled, and tips are added. The wall-mount poles are assembled (ball finials are added and mounting clips), and the indoor flag kits are assembled. Our production agents produce a minimum of 5,000 stick flags per day. Bert makes sure that everyone meets their quotas, gets their jobs done, and gets the orders out the door in time. Production has just recently completed a 2 million flag order for Target.

Prior to starting here with us at OLS, Bert worked at places like UPS, Sony, and Dick’s. She believes that a good employee should do their best at all times, and should not miss work.

37 years ago, Bert married her husband John. Together they have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. In her free time, Bert spends a lot of time with her children and grandchildren. She also enjoys shopping, and camping in the summertime. Bert acknowledges that she works “with and for some very nice people”. She hopes to travel with John in the future, but notes that at her age, she lives each day to its fullest.

Thanks for your dedication, Bert!

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