Employee of the Month – December 2012

Mary Liebert: Customer Service Representative

Mary LiebertMary joined Online Stores in January of 2012, after coming in as an agency employee for the Christmas Holiday in 2011. Mary is still an integral part of our Customer Service Department being trained to handle both inbound and outbound contact with the customers. Mary also handles the training of new reps when they join Online Stores in the Customer Service Department. She teaches them about our products, websites, Stone Edge Order Manager and the call strategy basics they need to grasp to work with our customers.

Mary is being recognized as December’s Employee of the Month for her triple threat work ethic in Customer Service. Mary always has a very positive attitude, regardless of the circumstance. She is an outstanding trainer for the new reps coming into Online Stores, and she always meets the department standards for calls, which should average 10 per hour. Great Job, Mary and thank you for all your work!


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