Employee of the Month – April 2012

Representing the Warehouse, April’s employee of the month is Ken Kaufman who currently holds the position of Senior Warehouse Clerk. Ken first started with the company in May of 2011 and has been a valued employee ever since. Ken has the responsibility of doing all of the receiving for the company. Every item that is delivered here goes to Ken first! Each day Ken unloads the FedEx and UPS trucks that bring a variety of necessary items. These shipments include supplies, items for stock and sale in the stores, samples and much more! Once he unloads everything, Ken then has to unpack and sort through everything that has arrived that day. He must distinguish if it is an item for resale, for which he needs to scan into Stone Edge and move to the side for other warehouse employees to stock on the shelves so that the item may be picked and shipped to our customers. If the items are supplies or other items for someone within the company, he makes sure that they get to the appropriate person in a timely manner.

Ken also has to complete these tasks with other freight trucks that arrive throughout the day bringing larger shipments that will also need received and stocked in the same timely fashion.

Ken was nominated for employee of the month for his outstanding attitude during the work day and his demeanor in handling frustrating issues. Whenever he has an issue, with his computer he follows all procedures outlined by the IT department to best handle the situation. When the issue does call for special attention from the IT department, he is always positive and kind, and works diligently to fix the error and continue to move forward with his day.  Ken has been described as very pleasant to work with and is always seen with a smile. Thank you for your work and great attitude Ken!


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