Featured Supplier – Wolverine

Since 1883, when the company was established in Rockland, Michigan, Wolverine has been making quality work boots for generation after generation of American workers. Their boots are legendary for the comfort and durability they offer the men and women who wear them, which is why Online Stores is so proud to recognize Wolverine, a true American icon, as one of its featured suppliers.

Wolverine’s first line of innovative footwear, the 1000 Mile Boot, was introduced in 1914 and quickly set the industry standard for durability. Nearly 100 years later, Wolverine continues to push the envelope with its unique DuraShock work boots, which use innovative pressure pads to absorb shock and return energy. The company has also released several lines of rugged work apparel.

At ConstructionGear.com you can find a wide selection of Wolverine’s fantastic products, including over 180 pairs of work boots for both men and women.

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