Employee of the Month – April 2010

Cathy Fligger began at Online Stores in June of 2006 as the manager of the Gift Store. Today, she is the Home and Gift Store Supervisor, and oversees a multitude of stores including Designer Gifts, Designer Baby, Stroller, Imprinted, Perfect Match Boutique and many more.

The Merchandising department essentially began with Cathy when she built both the Gift Store and Kitchen Store from the ground up, including acquiring vendors, design, etc. After recruiting Tara Edwards from Customer Service to work as her assistant, Cathy planted the seeds for the growth of the Merchandising Department.

Cathy has been instrumental in helping to teach the Merchandising employees much of what they know today. Despite having her own work to finish, Cathy gladly finds the time to assist anyone that asks. Whether it is an Excel question or just simple store management advice, she is there to help, and still finds time to keep up with her own work.Cathy’s efforts, as well as her wealth of merchandising knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching it to the rest of us have proven essential to the department.

Cathy was born in McKeesport, graduated from Penn Trafford High School in 1994 and spent time at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. Before working for Online Stores, Cathy worked as the Staffing Manager of Carol Harris Staffing, and actually placed several employees here before being hired herself. When she isn’t working, Cathy likes to spend time with her husband, Randy, and her two children, Hunter, 4, and Hank, 2, in their home in Youngwood. When asked about her children, Cathy responded, “Both keep me on my toes!”

In her free time, Cathy enjoys reading. In fact, you can usually find her reading on her daily lunch breaks. She also loves to scrapbook, hunt and apparently makes “some mean oatmeal raisin cookies.” She is absolutely terrified of snakes, but loves her hamster Boog, who is described as a rather large fellow. Cathy is described by her coworkers as a genuine and caring person who can get along with just about any personality. She listens, understands and helps whenever she isneeded. She is a dedicated and motivated employee and an absolute pleasure to work with. Congratulations Cathy, on being this month’s Employee of the Month!

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