February’s Featured Supplier—UPS

For one reason or another, certain things in this world have, in our minds, come to be associated almost universally with others. Take lemonade, for example; simply mentioning it will usually bring to mind images of summer. The same could be said of Alfred Hitchcock and suspense, or of Italy and great works of art.

In much the same way, UPS, this month’s featured supplier, has come to be associated with such qualities as dependability and class. Founded way back in 1907, UPS has grown to become the largest package-delivery company in the world today, with operations in over 200 countries.

In 2009, for instance, UPS shipped 284,026 packages for Online Stores, Inc. alone. With that many packages being shipped in just one year, it’d be natural to find that mix-ups and mishaps had abounded, right? Wrong! Despite there being so many orders, UPS came through with an unbelievable 97.65 on-time delivery percentage for ground shipments, and an even more stunning 98.88 on-time delivery percentage for those going by air.

With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why our company values UPS so much; after all, what good are our top-notch products if we can’t get them to our customers on time, which is, of course, when they need them! And with OLS expanding faster than the very universe itself, there’s no reason to believe that we won’t be developing our relationship with UPS even further in the years to come.

So, I guess to only question that remains, ladies and gentlemen, is “What Can Brown Do for You?

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