Employee Of The Month: September 2008

Crystal Sep 08

Our September Employee of the Month, Crystal Hammersley, started with us at Online Stores in October of 2005. Crystal graduated in 2005 with an outstanding 4.0 GPA from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in Oakdale, PA where she earned an Associates of Science degree in Information Technology: Network Administration, Network Security & Computer Forensics.  She also completed a 2 year college- level course on Cisco Networking Systems while she was still in high school.  She even regularly takes advantage of the VTC training courses offered by OLS.

Throughout college, Crystal worked as an IT intern at Fort Cherry High School in McDonald, PA, in addition to her regular retail jobs. The day before Crystal’s college graduation, Randy called to offer her a position at Online Stores. Maintaining the Stone Edge database, Stone Edge interface, and creating and maintaining other database systems and writing database applications are Crystal’s main job responsibilities. She also takes on general IT duties, such as answering help tickets, and performing regular server maintenance.

At home, Crystal enjoys watching football, gaming, crafts, and spending time with her friends and family. She and her husband Dale were married last July, and they bought their first house in April of this year. Along with a dog, cat, and two gerbils, Crystal and Dale plan to have children in the future. While performing upgrades will always be a frustrating duty of Crystal’s, she enjoys the rewarding task of creating new database applications. When asked about her goals for the future, Crystal says “I really enjoy my position here. I plan to stay with this company, continuing to learn and to do more.”

Congratulations Crystal! OLS couldn’t do it without you!

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